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Pipeline Cleaning Excellence Achieved with comprex® Impulses

At comprex®, we proudly uphold our commitment to the efficient and sustainable cleaning of piping systems and components.

We found our roots in municipal pipe cleaning in Germany over 25 years ago. Today, our services span a diverse spectrum of applications, extending beyond the municipal sector to encompass industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, drinking water, and numerous others.

In addition to pipelines, our cutting-edge technology is designed to clean a variety of inline equipment, including heat exchangers, static mixers, and a wide range of inline process components. .

The comprex® Impulse Cleaning Process operates through a mechanical approach, harnessing pulsed compressed air and a minimal water usage. Our mission is to treat water as a precious resource, utilizing it responsibly and driving improvements in energy efficiency through our innovative CIP technology.

Hygiene is a critical aspect in numerous applications we serve. While our key differentiating factors include water, energy, and time savings, we also protect our customers from product loss due to microbial and quality issues stemming from unclean pipes, such as cross-contamination.

comprex® Impulse Cleaning provides excellent value for Clean-in-Place (CIP) services for most inline components, including heat exchangers. Our services enhance heat transfer efficiency while reducing downtime and maintenance requirements. By optimizing the cleanliness and functionality of inline components, we empower our clients to achieve peak performance and operational excellence.

We comprex your lines!

comprex® - industrial pipe cleaning and more

Simple but effective:

When it comes to cleaning your pipeline (industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, drinking water, and more), we employ our patented comprex® Impulse Flushing Process. This innovative method offers you an efficient, ongoing cleaning solution that reduces time, effort, and costs. It’s available for both preventive and remedial cleaning.

We specialize in cleaning a wide range of piping systems, including:

  • Product lines of similar or varying diameters
  • Cooling and tempering circuits
  • Heat exchangers
  • Plant components
  • Static mixers
  • Cooling lubricant lines
  • Drinking water distribution networks
  • Wastewater pressure lines
  • And many more


comprex®: Your Mechanical Solution for Comprehensive Deposit Removal:

At the heart of comprex® technology lies the remarkable power of multistate fluid dynamics, capable of tackling a wide spectrum of contaminants. Whether it’s loose sediments, recently deposited dirt, tenacious germs like legionella, or strongly adhering grime, our innovative approach ensures a thorough cleaning process. Be it sludge, paint residues, or food particles, our primary aim is to restore the cleanliness of your lines and maintain long run pipeline hygiene. We firmly believe that regular equipment maintenance is not just a necessity but a vital component of achieving efficient and hygienic production processes.
What sets us apart?
Unlike conventional water flushing techniques that often rely on harsh chemicals, our method employs precise pulses of compressed air and water. This mechanical approach allows us to achieve the desired cleaning results for various pipeline types, demonstrating that, in most instances, aggressive chemicals are unnecessary
Our cleaning units are integrated with the process line to be cleaned. Filtered compressed air is then introduced into the line in a controlled and pulsed fashion. Inside the pipeline, alongside the water, we create pockets of air and water slugs that flow through the pipeline section at high speeds, reaching up to 65 ft/s.
These packages create significant turbulence along with powerful shear and drag forces, effectively mobilizing and dislodging deposits from the pipe walls with unparalleled efficiency.
The outcome: pristine pipelines and uncontaminated products – a blend of efficiency, care, and affordability.

comprex® Compared to a conventional water flushing system

Water flush
comprex® process

The powerful cleaning impulses generated by air and water are not only highly effective but also consume up to 90% less water compared to a traditional water flush.

The comprex® impulses propel at speeds of up to 44 mph within the pipeline in contrast with traditional flush speeds of 6 mph.

44 mph = 65 ft/s
6 mph = 9 ft/s

The mechanical cleaning forces applied to the internal surfaces of process lines and components are significantly amplified, reaching up to 100 times the strength of water rinsing when utilizing comprex®. Surprisingly, despite this intensified cleaning power, our process is gentle on the pipelines, as the pressure remains well below the system’s operating limits

We comprex your lines!

Efficient cleaning without any chemicals

No Chemical Required

Water Savings 

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Why should you choose us?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and efficient cleaning alternative.

Allow us to offer our guidance, and we'd be delighted to demonstrate the effectiveness of comprex® technology through a site trial or an internal benchtop study at our R&D facility

The comprex® process is versatile:

At a Glance: Our Industry Solutions

Enhance Operational Efficiency with comprex®: Keeping Your Line Systems Pristine for Seamless Processes – Even for Pre-commissioning New Plants. Explore our comprex® automated systems for permanent installation to find the perfect fit for your unique requirements


With comprex®, we excel in effectively cleaning intricate piping systems with unique demands. Our expertise spans across various sectors, from metal, plastic, and paint production to highly regulated pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, offering exceptional industrial pipe cleaning solutions.



Product lines

Cooling and temperature control systems

Machine cooling

Cooling lubricant

Heat exchanger

New installations


At comprex®, we take pride in our dedicated team of engineers who play a pivotal role in our comprehensive services. Our engineers are not just problem solvers; they are solution architects. Here’s how our engineering team ensures your needs are met:

1. Application Evaluation:
Our experienced engineers thoroughly evaluate new customer applications. This meticulous assessment allows us to define and optimize cleaning solutions, whether they are portable or permanent. We recognize that each application is unique, and we tailor our services accordingly.

2. Validation Services:
We understand the importance of validation, especially in industries with stringent regulations. Our engineering team provides validation services to ensure that our cleaning applications meet the required standards and performance expectations.

3. Root Cause Analysis:
Sometimes, solving a problem requires going beyond the surface issues. Our engineers excel in identifying the root causes of problems. By delving deep into the challenges you face, we can develop long-term, sustainable solutions.

4. Life Cycle Cost Reduction:
At comprex®, we believe in providing solutions that not only address existing issues but also reduce the life cycle cost of operation. Our engineering team looks at the bigger picture and implements strategies that lead to cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable results.

In essence, our engineering team at comprex® is your partner in innovation and problem-solving. We are committed to delivering reliable, long-lasting solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.


Paint and varnish industry

Chemical industry

Plastics processing

Food and Beverage

Pulp & Paper

New installations


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At the core of our mission lies the patented comprex® Impulse Cleaning Process, a technology we continually refine and expand across various performance levels. This flexibility enables us to tailor our solutions precisely to the evolving needs of our clients. As a service provider specializing in the cleaning of fluid-carrying systems and a manufacturer of both mobile and stationary cleaning systems, we’ve been serving diverse sectors within the drinking water supply and industry since 1997

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