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Mechanical cleaning - with air and water


Efficient Cleaning for Food, Beverage & Industrial Pipe Systems

In the food, beverage, and industrial sectors, maintaining the cleanliness of pipe systems, including heat exchangers, tank jackets, chiller loops, and jacket pipelines, is crucial. Not only does it affect the efficiency of your operations, but it’s also vital for compliance with health and safety standards. Compromised pipe systems can lead to significant productivity losses and downtime. This is where comprex® steps in.

Why comprex® is Your Ideal Choice:

  • Tailored for Your Industry: Our cleaning solutions are specifically designed for the unique challenges of the food, beverage, and industrial markets. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your products while ensuring the efficiency of your processes.

  • Advanced CIP (Clean-in-Place) Technology: comprex® in place (CIP) offers a state-of-the-art solution for cleaning pipe deposits. It’s a seamless, efficient process that cleans your systems without the need for disassembly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  • Versatile Application: Our CIP process is effective for a wide range of systems including heat exchangers, cooling circuits, tank jackets, chiller loops, and jacketed pipelines. It ensures that all components of your heating and cooling systems are maintained in optimal condition.

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in providing solutions for complex piping systems, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced in these industries. Our team of experts ensures that each cleaning process is carried out with precision and care, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our equipment is customized

Industrial plant cleaning

In these areas, we provide solutions with comprex® Engineering for continuous cleaning to efficiently prevent deposits and contamination.


We are specialized in these applications:

Pipelines CIP

Product lines

Heating and cooling systems

Static Mixers

Lubricant systems

Heat exchangers

We offer cross-industry solutions:



Steel Production

Pulp & Paper


Paints and Coatings

Food & Beverage


Our system is optimally suited for these processes:

(Clean in place)

(Sterilization in place)


We are specialized in these applications:

Effluent/Influent lines

Heat exchangers

Drinking water distribution

Waste water pressure lines

Point of Use

Sludge lines

At comprex, we specialize in innovative, industry-specific solutions precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements.

What distinguishes our cleaning technology?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

Solutions for your on-site cleaning needs

Our industry solutions at a glance

With your own comprex® plant, you keep your line systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of which comprex® unit is suitable for your task.

Stationary comprex® units

The stationary comprex® technology enables regular, preventive cleaning of your equipment before deposits form.

Our world novelty

comprex® ToolClean & comprex® ConnectBox

comprex® ToolClean cleans the cooling and temperature control circuits of the molds. Purely mechanical - with air and water. This counteracts the build-up of deposits, biofilms and corrosion products and ensures minimal scrap in your production. Can be combined with the comprex® ConnectBox.

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-300 is suitable for cleaning different areas in your plant. The unit can be flexibly connected to various systems.

comprex® Unit

The CU-3300 enables the cleaning of municipal water networks in the areas of drinking water and raw water as well as wastewater pressure lines.

We love challenges

Special solutions for special applications

We are open to new innovations and offer special solutions that are optimally adapted to your requirements.

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-1000 is a special design for cleaning product lines, for example at a filling plant for pesticides with frequent product changes.


Competence Center for Mechanical Cleaning

Years experience

The focus and heart of this is the patented comprex® impulse rinsing process developed by us, which we are constantly redefining and expanding at various performance levels. This allows us to adapt it perfectly to the individual, changing tasks of our customers. As a service provider for the cleaning of fluid-carrying systems and as a manufacturer of mobile and stationary cleaning systems, we have been active in various areas and sectors of drinking water supply and industry since 1997.

Practical examples, Professional articles and publications

We regularly inform about new developments and innovations. 

Inform yourself with our practical examples of the areas. 

Learn more on comprex.de

Developed and patented

Comprex® cleaning process

The advantages at a glance

From test cleaning to your own comprex® plant

Discover your customized cleaning solution in just a few steps

Enhance your line systems' efficiency and ensure uninterrupted production processes with our 'comprex® in place (CIP)' system. Discover how we tailor the comprex® unit specifically for your needs, and learn about the steps involved in creating your personalized cleaning solution."


Comprehensive Preplanning and Engineering Services for Efficient Project Execution

At comprex®, we understand that each application demands meticulous pre-planning. We carefully consider the unique local conditions and seamlessly adapt our comprex® process to suit the specific equipment and systems in your facility. During the critical pre-planning stage, our team at comprex® strategically identifies the cleaning sections, including feed-in and feed-out points, meticulously plans the cleaning sequence, and assesses the overall conditions to design an effective comprex® cleaning system tailored to your plant's needs.


Onsite Trial Cleaning

Experience the Efficiency of comprex® Cleaning Firsthand: We invite you to a demonstration of our advanced cleaning technology at your facility, allowing you to witness the exceptional cleaning capabilities of comprex® directly.


Proposal Development with comprex®

Discover how comprex® crafts tailored proposals for integrating our cutting-edge cleaning technology into your process. We focus on meeting your production needs and seamlessly implementing our solutions within your existing operations, including software integration for enhanced efficiency."


Customized comprex® Systems Tailored to Your Operational Needs

After conducting test cleanings and thorough planning, comprex® gains a deep understanding of your specific needs. We then tailor both hardware and software to fit your operational structure and desired cleaning schedules.

We custom-build your comprex® system to match your unique cleaning requirements. Whether you need a mobile or stationary unit, our expert developers and designers meticulously plan and construct the cleaning system to meet your exact specifications.


Seamless Installation and Commissioning of Your comprex® System

The initial phase involves installing your new comprex® system at your facility. During the commissioning process, we develop customized cleaning programs specifically for your application. With this, your 'comprex® in place (CIP)' system is fully operational and ready for use.


Comprehensive Training for Independent Operation of comprex®

In the second step, our service team provides extensive training to your staff, ensuring they can independently operate the comprex® Unit's software. The system's preset cleaning programs, combined with its intuitive touchscreen interface, simplify the management of cleaning tasks and the adjustment of essential cleaning parameters


Ongoing Support and Assistance Post-Integration of comprex®

Even after the successful integration of the comprex® cleaning unit at your facility, our commitment to your satisfaction continues. We are readily available for any needs that may arise, be it maintenance, software updates, sourcing spare parts, or providing additional training. Our team is dedicated to supporting you according to your specific requirements.

The before and after effect:

The comprex® result

Our patented comprex® process is designed to clean fluid handling systems across various industries, delivering consistently impressive results. 

Witness the transformative impact of comprex® in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your systems.

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